Monday, June 15, 2015

Playing catch up...

Obviously I am not blogging much these days.  Things are good, we are just having fun and not getting around to documenting it all as thoroughly as I was.  I try to at least snap a few shots with my phone here and there and this basically represents much of the last month.  
 Norah declared that she not only was going to eat salad, but she was also going to make it.  Spinach and feta, she even ate it.
 I didn't even know what to say, my jaw was on the ground, this was so shocking.  She has even asked for and eaten this same salad several times now.  Crazy.  Any time someone thinks she looks taller or she achieves a new physical milestone she looks up at me and says "I think it's because I eat salad now."  Love it.
 I just adore both of these people.  Lauren and our littlest Noah.
 The girls love Spot.
 Ava is really looking older to me these days.
 They are both so funny.

 Mike came over for a visit recently before he moved away to Germany.  We will miss him.

 We had a nice campfire and dinner together.  The girls loved playing with him.

 Love them.
 She is so cool.  Happy Aloha day at school.
 She wanted to be a kitty that day.
 We love Audrey

 Ava got to star in a play at church, she did great!

 Norah got to be in the show too.
 Yellow dress day.
 Heart shaped.
 Our first bouquet from the garden this season.
Water fight with the neighbors 
I have a lot more, I swear I will get caught up soon!  

Really happy it's Summer now, yay!!