Friday, June 5, 2015

Anne & Strohm's Visit

We had such a great time recently when Anne & Strohm came down for a visit. 
They are just the cutest newly weds.
 They had gifted us a visit to Archery Summit winery, none of us have been and it was amazing.

 The place was so beautiful.  I've never see anything like it.
 Such a fun room filled with barrels of wine, both oak and stainless steel.  It has a really cool vibe.
 It was a sit down tasting, with our own wine expert and all the perfect food pairings to go along with each fabulous wine.
 The two other guys that were at our table had some kind of in with the group and got our wine expert to let us all taste this $150 bottle of Pinot, I thought for sure it would be a little lost on me with my palate all fried from tasting the other wines, but wow, it was crazy good.

 Even the bathroom was cool, like a cave, haha.

 It was so pretty up there! 

 Photo bomb.

 The girls tackling Strohm, he was a good sport. 
 What could go wrong?
Jessica did their hair, she is the best.
 Sunday morning Anne & I did a nice 15 miles together, then we all headed downtown to the Saturday market, we rode the MAX, which is always fun, and hit up a few breweries along the way.  It was really fun!

What a nice weekend, so happy they came down for a visit!  My only complaint was that it went by too fast.  I love what a great family John has, they are all such a blessing to us!