Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Running by Faith

On Sunday, I was asked to speak at our church (IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!!) about the lessons God has taught me through running and how it has strengthened my faith. 

First off I was sweating buckets, I was so nervous!  I am not a fan of public speaking, it is not really part of my skill set.  I was terrified.

Somehow, I got through it, here is what I said:

Three years ago I could never have imagined myself running at all, much like pastor Terry, I saw it as a torturous thing to be avoided at all costs.  I was forty pounds heavier, with terrible asthma & three pins in my hip, it's just not something I could imagine myself being able to do.

The Lord helped me push past all of that, and as I became a runner, I started to see that I was the only one holding myself back.  

I wanted to run this race, to break through my fears and my doubts, to prove to myself that there is nothing that I can't do, but I did not do it alone. 

As a new Christian the lesson keeps coming to me over and over that with the Lord we can accomplish greater things than we ever could on our own. 

So why not translate that into 26.2 miles, a terribly humbling distance?

I have prayed and invited the Lord to come with me running every time I have ran. I've asked him to help give me strength, and endurance, and keep my body free from injury.  He is always with me, through every training mile, and He was with me through that whole race.

When I run, to keep myself mentally focused I like to listen to Bible studies, or just tune everything out and pray. Anytime I am feeling weak I ask for help, & strength, to let my body keep moving forward.

God has taught me through running that he is always with me, that if I ask him to bear my burden he will, we are in this together. Not just the race, but life. 

He will be with you wherever you invite Him, you are not in this alone. 

Also, He has taught me that what He wants to use us for is often outside of our comfort zone, we need to embrace being uncomfortable so we can be better equipped to do His work. 

This picture is from The Falcon 15k, I did it as a relay with some of the wonderful ladies from my running group, 6 days post marathon.  My ankle is a little mad, but it was fun to jump back into racing after resting all week. 


Jessica Gies said...

Sarah - You were amazing at church! I know you touched a lot of people getting up there and saying what you did. Again, amazing!!