Monday, April 27, 2015

Hiking and Geocaching, what ever that is...

The other day we went on a little hike with my friend Jessica.  She just had her third boy, Crosby, so we finally got a chance to meet him.  We also did a little geocaching along the way....
 Love my Ava girl.
 Crosby, I just love the name.  And he is adorable.
 They found the first box!
 It turns out that it is filled with junk, like the exact stuff I'm constantly trying to eradicate from our lives.  Maybe we can bring, and leave our random little kid treasures here, for other kids to find...just a thought.
 Love these girls!
 Our bug.
 Oh I adore log cabins.  Had to force a group shot.  That is my job.
 Ava caught a butterfly.
 And eventually let it go...
 Boys.  Good luck keeping them out of the water/dirt/mud.

 I love this.
 Apples for all.  Ava struggled with her complete lack of teeth.

 Turns out it was mom that ended up in the water.  Someone had to save the ball that was booking downstream...
The littles were the king of the hill!
There is no one I'd rather hang out with.  These girls are fun!