Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter at Erik's

We love Easter.  It was really nice getting to spend the holiday over at Erik's house, again.  I think he vows every year that THIS year is the LAST time he is hosting.  But they do such a good job and it's the perfect spot, so we are all hoping that it will be there every year!  

Of course we started the morning with Easter baskets.

 And took a few photos before church.

 I love to try to get a family shot for Easter, check out how sassy Miss Norah is in this one!

 Matt & Rhi
 Jessica & Jeff
 Meka and her family joined us this year, so fun!

 Love this guy.
 One of my very favorite families!

 Rhi is so funny!!

 Love these peeps.
 Cutest couple.
 Lots of awesome food!
 Getting ready to eat.

 My kids only eat fruit, and orange rolls.
 Oh Norah.

 Bayli brought a date!  Although she won't admit it.  They are "just friends". This is Sean, I totally approve. 


 Love this family, this year they brought their exchange student Justine.  

 So cute!  Always happy to have Kate & Patti join us!
 Egg hunting!
 Found it, finally!

And the egg toss, a tradition that's gone strong my whole life and many years before my time...

 I love the look on everyone else's face! 

 Can you see the egg flying through the air?

 The last round moved to the driveway...
 Love these sisters.
 And the winners are Chris and Jeff!!  Yay!

Such a fun time had by all!  Can't wait until next year!  Hopefully we can trick Erik & Tiffani into hosting, one more year...

Happy Easter!