Welcome Baby Emalynn

Baby Emalynn joined our family on February 1st.  
She made a grand entrance to this world about 45 minutes after her parents, Chris & D'Auna, arrived at the hospital.

We are all so excited to finally have her here with us, such a precious little gift.
She weighed in at 6 pounds, 15 ounces.

Alayah loves her little sister, apparently she laughed and cried through their first official meeting. So tiny, yet such a huge impact.

 Mother Ava is excited for Emalynn to grow into a fun playmate.

 These girls were just so happy to run and be crazy together.  

 So sweet.
 Proud daddy.

Oh Emalynn, we've been praying for you, we are so thrilled you are finally here where we can all snuggle you and happily receive you into this family. Welcome to this beautiful world Emalynn, you are very loved my dear! 


guzzi guy said…
In the "smiling" picture she looks just like Chris, don't you think?

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