And then she was FOUR...

I feel like Norah's birthday has been the most drawn out event EVER.  
John had mentioned that we don't do as much for Norah as we tend to do for Ava, and honestly, there is some truth in that.  I know I can get away with less for her, she doesn't expect much and she is just happy feeling celebrated.   We really don't do that much for Ava either, outside of making her feel loved, special and a little spoiled. 
But anyhow, that got me thinking that I better get a jump start on Norah's birthday so as we took our beach week off from school I was careful to include a few balloons and pointed out that everything that was fun that we did was "for her birthday".  Maybe too much, since by the time her actual birthday-day was here, I was feeling a little over it.  (I promise she did not notice though, I was careful not to let on) 

We had her party on Saturday, just her best friend and her cousin, it was the perfect size to keep from being overwhelming.  We even did it at a new-to-her place, Safari Sam's, which she really has never explored since she's been old enough to really climb.
 I even made the table look like we were expecting a huge crowd, it's all about perception and Norah was totally digging it.  : )

 Love these.
 I asked her to hold up 4 fingers, it was quite the challenge for her.  She kept doing some on each hand and then adding them up, it was pretty funny.
 She may have accidentally flipped me off in the process.
 Love this girl.
 It just wouldn't be a party without Norah's BFF Audrey.  These girls are simply too cute together.
 They had a great time playing and never left each others side.

 Alayah was right there too, these 3 together are quite the set!

 Poor D'Auna seemed a little discouraged that her baby was never going to come out, but thankfully her wait wasn't long after this party, it's a good thing they got that dead car battery fixed!  (More on Emalynn's arrival soon!)
 Happy little cousins!

 Malia got to come too, Norah loves Malia but really having her there was more of a gift for Ava.
 Love when we get all four of us in a shot!!  : )
Grandma bumped Norah up to rock star status.  

The rest of these photos are from Monday, Norah's actual birthday. 

We started our day wth Pump it Up, where our little friend Georgia met us for a play date.  We grabbed Audrey (She is essential!) on our way, and since Mom was watching Alayah, we invited her too!  Pretty sweet birthday party, round two!

Love this one!
Next we hung out over at Audrey's for a little so the girls could play and I could catch up with Lauren.

Then off to pick up Ava and Malia from school, we couldn't just go home, since that wouldn't be a very birthday-ish thing to do, so we headed to the park.  I even found us a new one to try out to bump up the excitement factor. 

Can you spot Ava in this picture?
There were so many new fun things to do, we love this park!

What a beautiful February day!

We wrapped up our little play date with Malia and headed out to dinner with Auntie Jessica.
Norah dd her own hair, 4 bows since she's 4 now, obviously.
We went to the Spaghetti Factory where we sat in the train, Norah decided she wanted a cheese burger, which they don't have, go figure.  It's so telling of her age right now, she never likes what is being served.  Unless it's a bagel...she can always go for a bagel, as long as it doesn't have raisins, that would be gross.  
Happy 4 little bug!

Such a fun way to wrap up a great day!

So glad Auntie joined us.  So much love between these 3.
Happy Birthday little Norah, we couldn't love you more!  You brighten each day in the best possible way!  We are so blessed to have you!