Random Phone Shots : )

Yes, none of these go together, I'm just happy to be posting them,
so there is that...
Our wonderful neighbors took us out to Peitro's Pizza for a fun night of celebrating the girl's birthdays.  They were embracing that idea of spending time rather than gifts, I am so happy because this is the kind of thing we will all always remember.  We all had a great time!  They are the best neighbors ever. 
Here are the Valentines themed cookies the girls and I made for Church. 
These girls have style.
So cute, all in red.
Starbucks date with the bestie.
Sassy, in this picture and in life.
Our ballet teacher had a sub last week, but she didn't show up.  Ava happily said she would teach the class.
I went on a nice family hike the other day, it was so fun!  Love hiking trails that are stroller friendly.  We did 4 miles which I'm sure would of been a bit much for our little shorty. 
Love Linda
Love her.
Where did all the teeth/time go???
First swim lesson!!  She loves it so much.  She is a little fish!
Little Church Ladies
Jessica and I had the pleasure of taking Abby out for her 16th birthday, so fun!

Ava loves ballet, she is quite serious about the whole thing. 
There is even a park in the same parking lot as ballet & swim.  We go to swim on Monday's and Wednesday.  Wednesday are pretty crazy, we have ballet before hand so we end up being there from about 4-7:15. It makes for a loooong night but the girls love it so it's totally worth it.  
These sweet girls just make our hearts happy.  
Love them so very much!