Or at least that is what I'm supposed to be doing.  I'm sort of a slacker when it comes to this whole marathon training thing.  I'm not sure that is entirely true, but compared to my running partner I feel that way.  She's crazy.

I have a much more relaxed "plan" on training, read no plan.  I try to run about 5 days a week,  One being about an 8 miler and one a long run, which now means 20 miles.  Kind of crazy!  Running seems to own my Thursdays and Saturdays right now.  I do love it, but I won't miss the crazy time commitment. 
Here's my 18 miler I did a few weeks ago.  That went pretty well.
Last weekend we did 20 out on the path that we will run the marathon in April.  It is so beautiful out there!!  I hope we get this great of running weather when that day rolls around!
It was really great to run it with friends!  This is Michael and Mariah, both very awesome inspiring people.  Our run couldn't of gone any better, it was great!  Kind of makes me wish I was intentionally running the marathon for fun at a conversational pace.  It's so hard to know how hard to run it.  I want a good time but I also want to not hit a wall during it.  It's a tricky balance.
It's been so great being in this together with Mariah.  Nothing bonds you like running hours and hours together talking.  : )

The kids just started a little running program that my running group is putting on.  It's to train them to build up to being able to run a full mile.
We do it at the library, which is beautiful.  The coach blows a whistle every minute or so having the kids alternate between walking and running.  
The whole thing is pretty cute!  
Ava really enjoyed it.  She can't wait for Sunday, which is our next class.  They even have running homework they are suppose to train with throughout the week.  
Here's a little group shot.  Norah had a great time too, but in typical Norah fashion she announced that she never wants to run again, so there is that.   : )

One out of two isn't too bad...happy running!


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