Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Ava!!

I really tried to convince Ava that we should just have a small gathering at our house, decorate cookies with a few friends, but she insisted on going to Papa's Pizza, again.  Which really, I shouldn't be complaining.  I always dread it and then it happily surprises me.  

The whole thing was super mellow (for a kids birthday party), relatively inexpensive, and no clean up.  We had a good turn out for a last minute gathering, and although we were missing a few core-key people, keeping it small does help make it feel more mellow for sure. 

(We also took her out to dinner the night before, just the 4 of us, Red Robin of course)
 We of course started off her birthday with special pancakes, lots of whipped cream, for those of the bunch without extreme food-pickiness issues. 

Ready for the party.

When the kids went off to play I figured I'd grab my camera and take a snap of each one.  I got the next 4 photos on the first try.  I was so impressed that each kid looked right into the camera and smiled.  When does this happen??  I was on a roll!!

And then my streak ended.  Can you guess with whom it ended on??  Who wouldn't look at the camera and smile??
 Yes, Norah of course.  The photo I got of her was with her hands in front of her face in total protest.  I bribed her for this photo.  Ok that's not entirely true, a better word might be threatened.  Sometimes you got to do what you've got to do...I take my pictures of people having fun very seriously.  : )
 Dad & Angi
 Jessica & Linda
 The yummy cake, the real reason I come to these things....
 Ok, I guess it really is for her.  : )
 These kids got the biggest kick out of Ava's trick candles.  We couldn't stop laughing at how hard they were all laughing!  
 It was soooo funny!!

 Happy girl, feeling surrounded by love. 
 Asher & Lauren
  I'm not sure that is a real smile.  But at least she's playing...
Ava was so thrilled to hear that Auntie Jessica plans to take her back to the ballet, they just went to The Nutcracker, and now they will go see Cinderella in March! 
What a perfect day celebrating our favorite Ava (as we call her)  

Happy 7 my little sweet!  You bless our lives more than you will ever know!