Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas Day

By Christmas day I was a little burned out on photo taking but I got a few.

We had a lovely morning getting ready for the festivities to start, we took a moment to have the girls open up a few gifts.
 They were really excited to get a pair of PINK walkie-talkies from Grandpa Bob and Grandma Barbie.  
 They love them and have been playing with them like crazy.  

 We had a nice morning gathering with my Dad and his whole family.  It was so nice to see everyone.  This is pretty much the only time we all get together so it's pretty special.  
 Love this bug.

 Auntie and Ava, they look like mother and daughter here to me.  : )

We had a nice morning, and then quickly cleaned things up and got ready for round 2.  We hosted Christmas dinner with Scott, Vivienne, Erik, Tiffani, Colton, Jessica, and Linda.  Bayli even dropped by and hung out with me late into the night. The dinner was perfect. Most of it my guest brought with them and we all just had a nice relaxing evening playing pinochle, talking, and enjoying each others company.  

It was a really great Christmas. 

(PS, since I am obviously way behind on posting, please do scroll down several pages, I just added a TON of posts and they likely will all get lost in the mix if I don't point that out.)