Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas Eve

 Our biggest, most favorite Christmas celebration is on Christmas Eve.  We have the most people coming together, the most food, and the most fun.  It is really great.  Linda & Kim hosted it this year, which has become the tradition. 
 We started out with a little birthday singing to our December birthday club.  Colton, Ava, Linda and Erik all have birthdays within the week of Christmas. 

 Scott sang his lovely tribute to Linda.  I love all these shots of them together!! 

 They are so cute!! 

 Love Abby!

 The crazy danger girls had a blast in Abby's room.

 Chris & D'Auna
 Colton, Vivienne & Tiffani
 Jessica & Ava
 John & I
 Kim, Linda & Abby
 I love how happy Colton looks in this one!

 All of Norah's faces.  She's so funny.

 I unleashed her photography skills and let her walk around with my camera and take some pictures from her perspective, I rather like them.  First up, me and Tiffani.
 This one of Scott and Vivienne is so cute! 
 Grandpa John and Grandma Julie
 Kate, minus the top.
 Oh wait, here's the rest!  : )
 And the very best White Elephant gift ever, The Wubble!!  We had such a great time with this thing! 

 Kim protecting Remy. 
 Love this one!
 I love this shot!! 

And here's our little party animal 3 seconds into the car ride home.  

What a great party.  

Love my family.