Friday, September 5, 2014

Norah starts school.

The highlight of Norah's life is Sunday school, has been since she started going about a year ago.  She tells anyone who will listen about it.  She is super thrilled to add preschool to her new list of favorite things.  She only goes on Thursdays but she is super stoked about the whole thing.  Yesterday was her very first day.

 I love how they are matching!  And Ava looks so cute in this one!
 Teacher Valerie, who is also one of our very good friends, was Ava's preschool teacher as well.  
 Norah is quite familiar with the school and everything she always longed to be a part of.  
 She's like "OK bye mom!"
 She had a great day, I think the only issue was she was a bit disruptive during nap time.  But she did end up falling asleep eventually.  Hopefully that part will get easier as she gets more used to it.  
Our baby girl is growing up!!
So very proud of her!