Thursday, September 11, 2014

Catching up...Lots of Randomness

Ready for random?  Let's start here...
Here's a little group shot from day trip we took to Kah-Nee-Ta to visit Linda, Kim & Abby.  The girls loved it there!!
 This picture captures so many things for me; the sweet littleness of my girl, her brave, adventurous spirit, and how my family teams together in support of my kids every effort with love & outstretched arms. They are all such a blessing to me!!! It takes a village & I couldn't be more grateful for our little village! Thank you Kim for capturing this moment!
 Ava swimming with her friend Sophia

 We love Sophia!
 Summer sleeping
 Favorite friends.

On Norah's half birthday, I took her to the store with me in the morning.  While we were out she mentioned how she was sure the house was going to be all decked out for her party (there is no party for her half birthday, we just like to pretend like everything we do that day is special) so I text John and said, blow up a few balloons or something quick!  

We came home to this:
 John & Ava decorated for her (they put a box of green Jello, which was her one birthday request, in the middle of the table)
 They had fun making Jello, something we never do.

 Ava made this rainbow out of streamers for Norah.
 Then she decided the only color missing was purple, and that Norah could BE the purple. 
 Here's Ava doing Norah's makeup,  With water.

 Here's the kiddos helping auntie make orange rolls for Jan's wedding shower.
They randomly kissed each other and said I love you.  So sweet.

 They loved "helping" make the rolls.  

My favorite part was when Jessica gave Ava the bowl of very important orange filling and set her in front of the fan to cool it.  What could go wrong???  

 Sorry this was all over the place!  I'm feeling a little more caught up, sort of...