Sunday, November 15, 2015

Beautiful day at the beach....

 The girls and I ran off to the beach together on Tuesday since Ava was out of school the rest of the week.  They don't have Thanksgiving week off so this is our little added bonus.  The weather was amazing on Wednesday and not so great the rest of the time but we still had a great time! 
 On Wednesday the girls and I walked nearly all the way down to Road's End, we were on the hunt for glass floats, we didn't find any but we had a great time none the less!

 So pretty.

 Weirdest picture ever, take a minute to really look at the shadow and the hands! 

 The girls carved their names into the wall.

 Ava discovered this tree buried in the sand and insisted she was keeping it.  It was fun watching her drag it all the way home.

 It may be a little early to get a tree but you just can't pass up a good Charlie Brown tree when you find one.
 They always beg to get their picture on the sign.

 So very proud of her find.

 Love these girls.
 Oh yes, we did.  Complete with homemade ornaments and "presents" wrapped up below.  The girls even had a big count down until the next night when we were finally allowed to open them. 
 Pretty sweet.  I love their innocents, they have no idea the crazy things that are going on across the world right now.  I'd like to keep it that way.  Focus on the good girls!
John joined us for the weekend, we were so glad, we really missed him.  The girls have already played about 15 board games with him.  We also had the pleasure of hanging out with uncle Jeff and his new girlfriend too.  Super fun weekend! 
I love me some quality time with my family!  : )