Wednesday, November 18, 2015

3 Days of Halloween, better late than never...

 Forgot to post about Halloween.  Better late than never, right?? 
 Norah got to dress up for preschool on Thursday, it was so cute how all the kids were watching out the window, eager to see who Norah dressed up as. 

 Our little Rainbow Dash.
 Her cute little class.
 While Norah was celebrating with her friends I did 8 super challenging miles of hills.  The scenery made it worth it for sure!  Always happy when it's done too!
 Ava had Crazy Hair Day at school on Friday.
 She looked more adorable than crazy but I think her hair turned out great.
 While Ava was at school I had the cutest little helpers baking with me.

We did a little before the party photo shoot, love these silly kids!

 In the evening we attended a costume party at Ava's school, turns out there are a ton of Rainbow Dashes in this world.  Norah was thrilled, she knew these were her people and needed lots of photos with them.
 We say Kate, the kitty, also Ava's classmate & our neighbor.

 Mercedes, Leslie & Ava, also known as Jasmine, Elsa & Cinderella.

 Dance party.
 Norah was break dancing, who knew she had these skills?!

 Last year we had a similar situation with a ton of Rapunzel's, great minds I guess.
 On Halloween morning Lauren & I ran in the Halloweenathon, this was Lauren's first race, a 10k, so we were both really excited!!
 This was my first time dressing up for a race.
 Typical shoe pic.
 Ava also ran her first race, a 1 miler, she did great!
Our good friend Adrianne and Lauren's neighbor Teresa joined us too! 

 Look at these great race shots!  Love them!

Love this one of Ava running!
 After the race John carved pumpkins with the girls.
We spent Halloween over at Linda's house, it may become a new tradition! Here is Norah, Ava & Colton as Mind Craft guy.
 Abby Day too :)
 Jessica, Alphonso & Me

 The girls didn't stay out too long gathering candy, it was just too wet and miserable out there.  I LOVE this picture, it cracks me up.
 The girls changed into cozy jammies and handed out candy on the porch, the trick-or-treater's also could choose a prize and got the chance to push a button that filled the porch with smoke.  It was really cool!
 Funny thing was, the family was about to get new hard wood floors put in, as Linda looked around the room she decided it was prime opportunity to ask for some help moving a heavy credenza.  I joked that next she'd have them moving the piano too, and sure enough, several pieces of furniture were moved, including the piano.  She said next party she would have us paint!  Hahahaha
 Here's the porch set up, the kids loved it!
 Another soggy photo after the candy hunt.
 Fun! Fun!
What a great Halloween!! Until next year....