Monday, May 18, 2015

Children's Museum

Norah's preschool went to the Children's Museum on a field trip the other day. 
 She was super excited.  I love going to these things with her (and Ava when we used to do this stuff).
 They had a circus theme, it was great!


I really do love volunteering and I'm so glad I can do it, but I have to say, I find it sort of *funny* how it works out financially.  First, you are giving up your day to be there, next they charge you for your kid to go, and then they charge YOU to go, and then you have to pay to yes, I'm glad I can be there but it sort of feels like you should get all that free, in trade for your time.  

But I just love this girl, so how could I *not* go??  : )
Her happy little face = priceless