Look at me, blogging, two days in a row! : )

 Random phone photo catch up, also known as speed blogging for the total slacker (me). 
 Book worm.  Love that.
 She lost another tooth!
 Caramel Apples with Lauren.  : )

 Fun day with Alayah celebrating D'Auna's birthday. 
 Love this shot. 
 Ava got to go to the farm with Sam & Malia.

 Norah's little bestie Audrey.
 They make me happy.  
 Worn out.  Life is fun.  
 Bagel date with this weirdo.

 Winco is pretty relaxing.
 She's cute.
 Church ladies.
 Love our Sundays together.
 My bestie.

More to come, so much catching up to do...  : )


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