Halloween Fun!

 Friday we had our annual little "drop by and hang out" Halloween party.  It was really fun!  Here's a few shots from the night. 
Our lovely neighbors, the first shot is from last year, and the next is this year, with 2 babies on the way!  So exciting!!! 
 And Erik who would of surely won best costume if we had a contest going.  Very impressive!! 
 Bat Mom and her two little princess.  Ava was Cinderella and Norah was Rapunzel, perfect for her long hair.  : )
 The girls! 
 Love these peeps.

 So much candy!!
 The pretty cupcakes Jessica and I made for the Harvest Party at church. 
 3 Rapunzel's at school, as Norah said, "WHAT?!"
 Ava 2 years ago, Bee Happy!
 Trying on wigs!
 Ava wore this to school for Crazy Hair Day.  : )
 A few shots from Halloweens past... Norah had Mad Cow disease.  

 Don't mess with Batwoman!  
Such a fun night!!


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