Monday, October 13, 2014

Pumpkin Party

Get ready for all things Fall around here.  This is my favorite season for photo taking and I'm really hoping it will get me back into blogging again.  : )

These pictures are from last weekend when we went up to Mom & John's house to pick out our pumpkins and play around their beautiful property.  The girls were thrilled!  I know I say that a lot, but they genuinely are excited to do most everything, I love that about them.

 They can never get enough time with Alayah too.  I'm so excited they are adding another girl to our little club!  Sisters are the best and 4 girl cousins just makes me plain giddy!  
 Oh how they all love the tractor.  They hardly cared about pumpkins when they got up there.  Peeling them off was a task.  

 So we just let them play and  I took pictures of the cute couple and their little growing pumpkin instead.  

 Quite impressive size on these, good thing we had the tractor to move them.  : )

 Their property is like a magical garden, so many places to explore.  I don't think the kids fully grasp the extent of it yet, they need a few hours out there to just wander.  It seems like they play inside most of the time since grandma has the best toys and mac and cheese and stuff, but really they need to come play out here more.  They would love it!! 

 They do love coming out here to feed the fish, that's always top on their list. 

 Even though it was a breakfast party complete with waffles and frittatas, about an hour and a half after they had eaten Norah said to grandma "I wish my mom wasn't here so we could have mac and cheese."  Which made us all laugh and who can resist these funny little girls??

 Such a fun time!  Happy Fall!!