Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ava & Mommy Date

Yesterday, Ava had a half day, and Norah had preschool until 3, this left several hours for Ava & I to enjoy, just the two of us! 

She made a list of all the fun things we should do & could hardly wait for school to end.

I love how much she looks forward to these little things we try to make special for her. It's really sweet. 

First we hit up Red Robin for lunch, that wasn't my first choice, or even my second. The first two places were closed that we tried, Newport Bay went out of business & Old Spaghetti Factory apparently doesn't do lunch anymore, weird.  But we just rolled with the punches & went with it, Ava loves Red Robin anyway. 

After lunch we headed over to the Dollar Tree for Ava to spend her own dollar, she was super excited to be able to pick anything she wanted in the whole store!  Oh the little things in life! 

Next we went to the pet store to visit all the animals. 

She loved this little parrot & almost got to hold him, he was a little scared of her though...
Next we headed back home to grab our bikes and head out on an adventure to go get frozen yogurt, but wouldn't you know, the place was closed, it had also gone out of business. What is happening to all these places?  We ended up at a little diner and shared an Oreo cookie milkshake, it was perfect.

That's my "did I really just eat that" look. 

Next we rode our bikes over to Norah's school and pick her up with the bike trailer. She was thrilled!

We rounded out the day with the girls "helping" me with my bible study homework, such a fun day! 

Love these sweet, happy girls! They are such a blessing to us!!  


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Looks like fun! What a couple of cuties!