Thursday, August 21, 2014

Liberty Lake, Part 2

 So much fun was had in Liberty Lake, and so many pictures were taken.  I think I have more on my phone in fact...

 That backyard held so much fun for all of us!  The girls loved just running all over it, and of course John got in on all the fun!

 Love getting this special time with Bob & Barby!

 Norah took this picture of them : )
 We made our traditional trip out to Coeur d'Alene, the park there is our favorite!

 Ava took these : )

 I love this one!  It's at the pond next to our favorite little lunch spot, Bardenay. 
 Back in Liberty Lake we noticed that they added a ton of awesome stuff to the playground there. 
 Coolest park I've ever seen! Splash park, sand box, play structure and best of all, a full gym!! All the equipment uses your own body weight for resistance so parents & kids alike all get a great workout!! They even have a 5.2 mile loop that has 4 other gym spots you can incorporate into your circuit training! So awesome!

 Norah found some ants to play with.  

 John warned her that they might bite her, she didn't believe him...

 ...until it happened that is.
 So many more great sunset opportunities too!

 And more playing with dad.

 What a great trip!!

On the way home we stopped by Multnomah Falls.

As pretty as it was, turns out that many people in one place just made me want to get back in the car...

So thankful for these fun family trips!!


Nain said...

Beautiful pictures, as always!

Anonymous said...

That A logo has been driving me nuts trying to figure out what it is, all the nascar drivers have it on their suits...Thanks for taking a picture of John wearing the shirt, I see it says alpinestars, Googled it and now it makes sense...always love your blog...