Monday, August 11, 2014

A week in phone photos....

 We recently celebrated this little ones half birthday, so fun!
 We went over to my dad's house and had a nice dinner together, the girls relaxed with Auntie on the hammock.  

 That night they got to camp outside, such a fun daddy thing to do.  Although this time he sent them out there on their own, they did great-ish!

 We got to escape to the beach with Lauren & her family for a few days, that was really fun! 

 Such a blessing to get to spend time with her wonderful family, her father is also my pastor, so that was pretty cool to hang out with him.  : )

 Of course s'mores happened.
 And some sisterly sleeping complete with feet pushed into faces...
 Perfect beach playing weather!
 We came home for 2 seconds and then spontaneously went back to the beach, this time with John, Jessica, Mom, John, Chris, D'Auna, and Alayah in tow...I love that we can just last minute throw together such a special trip!
 I ran 9 miles on the beach and then we had a nice dinner with Auntie.
 The next day we went on a nice long hike with Mom, 6 miles with some pretty great hills!  It was called Heart's Cove, part of Cascade Head.  
 We saw these cool mushrooms along the trail...
 The cousins loved dressing up together!  Rapunzel, Cinderella & Ariel. 
 Auntie made their hair all fancy!
 Norah's looks so long, it makes her look so grown up too!
 We made our way down to the beach to enjoy our last day together there. 

And the kids both fell asleep on the way home, total success!! 

Fun week, I will add more photos once I get around to editing them, we are clearly on Summer blogging schedule which means all schedules have been thrown to the wind, oh well, at least we are having fun!!