Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Family Photo Shoot!

I bought a Groupon for a family photo shoot, it was one of those super-cheap but you only get one shot kind of deals, but I figured I take enough photos, but I'd really like one nice family shot.  It was an in-studio thing, or you could pay way more to do an outdoor shoot.  Our appointment was for Monday and I called that day to see if we could adjust the time a little since I wasn't sure I could make it to yoga that night.  They were super accommodating and told me that we could change to Tuesday and it would be no problem.  Well today (Tuesday) they called and said that they messed up and booked my shoot too close to an outdoor session they were already doing in North Plains, but if I'd be willing to come out there they would wave the outdoor fee for me.  I was thrilled!  I love outdoor shots, there is so much more you can do with them.  

I got our outfits all picked out, and the kids all ready and decided to do my own little pre-photo shoot before we headed out to our appointment.  

I'm so glad I took these, I'm hoping it will help me not want to buy all the photos they took that I'm sure I will want.  The photo shoot went so great!!  I can't wait to see their pictures!  So many fun poses and such a beautiful setting!  The girls did so well too!  I told them that all those pictures I have taken of them their whole lives were really just training for this moment!  Ha!  This is pretty exciting though, it's our first real family photo shoot, and it just seems fitting since this is our 10th anniversary year.  :)  Love our little family! 


guzzi guy said...

Wow! Very beautiful!