Friday, December 18, 2015

The many faces of (mostly) Norah

I've been holding tight to a gift card Anne & Strohm gave me quite a long time ago back when they got married.  It was a thank you gift for taking some pictures for their wedding, which was totally unnecessary, yet very much appreciated.  It was for B&H Photo, and I simply couldn't decide or commit to what I wanted to get.  After much back and forth and lots of research I ended up getting two new lenses for my camera, a 50mm and a 24mm.  I just broke them out of the box so I haven't had much of chance to perfect our relationship but I'm loving both of them!!  Here's a few shots of my crazy girls, mostly Norah since Ava was at school and she's generally slightly more cooperative, especially if you don't mind silly faces. 

 I love this one.

 Jammie day at school, this is Ava's last day of school for this calendar year.  Bring on the holidays!!

 Sweet sisters!
 Norah and Audrey had a little playdate today, of course they had to change clothes for that.

 Tea party!

 This is what I get when I ask for a nice smile, thanks Ava.
Bribery works a little.

Loving the new lenses!!  Thank you so much Anne & Strohm!! ; )