Wednesday, September 30, 2015

First day of school and beyond...

 Here are our two loves on their first day of school.  They were both excited and a little nervous.
 Ava was thrilled that she ended up with Ms. Riley, the teacher she was hoping for.  She was also happy to learn that all the first graders from her first/second split last year were placed in her class with her. 

 Ava is so sweet and eager to learn, I love her passion for school!  She even woke up excited to get up and go to school that whole first week!  She is still doing pretty well, but a little harder to get out of bed.

 Norah was much more nervous than Ava, which is funny because it basically the same preschool she went to last year.  Valerie did move locations but many of the same friends were there to welcome her to her first day.

 A little closer up, love her sweet smile!  She is doing great this year.
 Ava came home from school not feeling well at all  We knew she was a little sick that morning but she really didn't want to miss her first day.  She did have to stay home the second day but we took her strait to the doctors to get her all fixed up.  They put her on prednisone and she immediately started to feel better.  She only had to miss one day.

 These are all Norah's funny faces while we waited through Ava's doctors appointment.  I love to make little collages with them.  : )

Next stop Target for her prescription.  Norah loves spot.
 Ava worked hard through the Summer to complete 30 journal entries, along with tons of Moby Max, Mrs. Nelson promised her a prize if she completed all of this and I promised her a fish.  She was so excited to get that fish! 

 Norah is so pretty.
 When we were at the pet store I text this picture to John and said we decided to go with this guy over the fish, I was tempted! 
 The girls were so excited!!
 Meet Fuchsia McPufferson.  

School wise we have been off to a great start.  Sick wise, not so much.  Ava just had to take her second set of prednisone and Norah has a 102 temp and a cough.  Need to get these kids well!!  

It's about 10:15 at night as I am writing this, Ava just came out of her room and told us she read two and a half chapter books since we sent her to bed.  I love her passion for reading, wish I could get her more on board with sleep!  So my daughter...