Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fun at the Fair

The other day John took the girls to the fair.  I was off running downtown with my friends and then kayaking with mom, so I can't say I was sad to miss out, more so just proud of him for wanting to do such a fun thing with them solo.  He even took them on a MAX ride to get there!  

 They LOVE the MAX.
Norah wanted her picture with every one of these type of signs. 
Ava got right up on stage, no surprise there!

 They love motorcycles too!

 A little too short...

 John said there were a ton of free things to do at the fair, half way through the day he text me and proudly reported that he hadn't spent a dime. 

 And then a little while later he checked back in and had spent $60...haha

 They got to do a scavenger hunt!  At the end Norah got to dig up a carrot and eat it, she was thrilled! 
I think John was unimpressed with the size of the kid burgers. 
 Good job daddy!  They won't soon forget this super fun day!!


Anne said...

Sounds like a fun time was had by all��