Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cinderella, the Ballet

Auntie Jessica was supposed to take Ava to see Cinderella, the ballet on Sunday, however she got stuck in Miami when her flight was cancelled, so I got to take her instead!  What a treat!

Ava was initially pretty bummed that Auntie wasn't her date, but I talked up how special it was that we got to go together and she came around pretty quickly to a new level of excitement.  
We really don't get to do special things like this together much, so we were both pretty thrilled.
The ballet was awesome! So well done!  We both really enjoyed it.

I even bought her a special crown to remember the whole thing by, you know Auntie would of done it too!  : )

And the girl was meant to wear a crown I tell you!

Afterward, to make the day even more special, I decided to take Ava up to The Portland City Grill, a restaurant situated 30 floors up, overlooking downtown Portland (Formerly Atwaters back in the day)

She had never been there so of course I made sure she got a window seat.  That was the perfect choice as she spent the entire time looking down at all the "ants riding bicycles" and such.  

We had the perfect date!!  Thank you auntie Jessica, sorry you got stuck in Miami, but thankful I got to take your spot!  Love you!


guzzi guy said...

Nice date! Looks like a lot of fun.