A look back...

I love that I have this blog.  It is my best way to look back on what's happened, and it keeps all of our memories and photos in order, by date!  I'm so not that organized on my own so this is brilliant!

Today, just for fun, we are going to take a look back.  Here are some photos from February of the year I started this blog, 2010:
 We had just moved Grandpa into The Springs.  That's also about 40 lbs ago...
 Little mini Ava & Colton were loving their new swimming hole.
 Little miss already had reached princess status, much to my dismay. 

Could she be cuter though, really??

And here's 3 years ago, February 2011:
 We were just in the welcoming Norah into our lives stage.  She's about 3 weeks old in these next few pictures.
 We liked to torture her from a very early age.
 She was a bit skeptical, with good reason.
 Tuning us all out worked well for her though.
 I'm not sure we slept much.
Aliens in your house tend to make sleep challenging.  : )

Let's jump forward to 2 years ago, February 2012:
 Just relaxing, at Costco.  Where are the snacks??
 Lunch with my girlies.  Norah's sporting the pebbles look.
 Baseball hats, perfect for posing.

 Sweet little Colton, not only Ava's cousin, also one of her favorite friends.

 Girl needs to grow some hair.  Still cute, doesn't matter.
 And always living on the edge.
 Love Ava with Dad's glasses, so studious!
She's pretty intense, this one.

And now, for the final round, just one year ago, February 2013:
 So silly.
 And skillful.
And cute!
Oh goodness, this doesn't seem like a whole year ago!! Boy do they grow up fast, no joke.

I'm sure you remember what they look like now, but we might as well finish this little sequence off with a current-ish photo of the two of them now.

February 2014:

Love these little growing-up-way-too-fast little loves!!

How fun is that to easily jump back through time??!  

Again, I love this blog!